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Calming Relaxing music helps with stress

Here are various studies on relaxing music and its effect on stress:

1. Doctors at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, use soft relaxing music in the neonatal unit to calm premature babies. This allowed reduced stress which in turn gave all energy to be used for growing

2. Relaxing music has an incredibly impact on learning, creativity and memory.
3. A loud Environment loud noise, loud music can slow learning and increase stress levels cause anger, aggression, poor performance and insomnia..
4. Listening regularly to “relaxing music” reduces stress and can help with depression after just six weeks of regular listening.

Is managing stress vital? Unrelieved stress can cause many health problems, which is a stress response. Over time,  stress can contribute to illnesses and depression, anxiety, hypertension,  heart disease, and arthritis. There are many symptoms of distress, like sleeping disorders, chest ache, gastrointestinal disturbance , migraine head aches and high blood pressure .

To manage stress, avoiding the usage of alcohol, tobacco and medicines, which may result in extra stress. There are many  methods to help manage stress.  Use this site to view calming video and listen to relaxing music.

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